COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of our lives, it affects our personal lives, our families and friends, as well as our professions, our jobs, our research…

We at the Organizing committee of IOC 2021 were foolish enough to believe that, by opting to organize a conference in virtual space, we will be immune to COVID effect. It has proven us wrong. COVID messed with our efforts in organization but more important, messed with your research. We have received a number of requests from our colleagues asking for additional time to prepare their works. Deadline extension which we have offered was, unfortunately, insufficient for some.

That is why we, as the Organizing committee, supported by the management of Technical Faculty in Bor , have decided to change the date of the conference and postpone it to November 29th and 30th. The new deadline for paper submission is now November 1st.

We apologize to those of you who have already sent papers. As a token of good will, and an attempt of redemption, we decided to lower the conference fee to 60 EUR or 7 200 RSD. Unfortunately, if you already made  the payment we cannot provide a refund but we are happy to offer you the opportunity to send  additional paper, as a compensation.

Once again, our deepest and most sincere apologies for any inconvenience this delay may have caused.  

IOC 2021 Organizing Committee