Strauss Coffee B.V. entered the Serbian market as part of the Strauss Group through the acquisition of the Doncafé brand in 2003.

The new factory of the Strauss Adriatic business unit was built in 2007 and represents one of the most modern coffee factories in Southeastern Europe, equipped for coffee processing and packaging at the highest standards. Thanks to our dedicated and skilled team, coffee lovers in Serbia and around the world can enjoy the highest quality coffee through our three brands: Doncafé, C kafa, and BeanZ.

Today, Strauss Adriatic employs over 200 people and is one of the leading companies in both retail and the away-from-home segment (AFH), as well as in online sales since 2020.

We continuously work on improving our business, guided by the principles of sustainable development because we believe that companies can profit by solving problems rather than creating new ones. Therefore, we are constantly seeking new partners in the FMCG distribution and HoReCa sectors, as well as suppliers with innovative and practical eco-friendly solutions.

You can learn more about our commitments to sustainable development at

Strauss Adriatic
Miloš Obilića 41
Šimanovci 22310
+381 22 408 000