Founded in 1969, Measuring Transformers Factory Zajecar (FMT Zajecar) has been a stalwart presence in the electrical equipment market for over five decades.

Throughout its history, FMT Zajecar has consistently enhanced product quality and expanded its offerings, which have demonstrated reliability in diverse operating conditions. Initially specializing in low voltage current measuring transformers and insulators up to 36 kV, the company’s capabilities grew with the acquisition of a vacuum casting plant in 1972, enabling the production of various transformer types, both under the SIEMENS AG license and proprietary designs.

Over the years, FMT Zajecar diversified its portfolio to include dry power transformers, inductive reactors, separating transformers, toroidal transformers, and more, catering to a wide range of industrial needs.

They also ventured into industrial electronics, and environmental protection equipment, and embraced cutting-edge insulation materials.

Post privatization in 2005, FMT Zajecar invested heavily in modernization and continues to do so, expanding its product range and reaching customers worldwide, with notable business collaborations in the Balkans, Europe, and across the globe.

Certified with ISO standards and rigorous in-house testing, FMT Zajecar is a trusted name synonymous with quality and innovation in the electrical equipment industry.

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