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The Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, in collaboration with the Mining and Metallurgy Institute in Bor, is pleased to invite you to the 51st International October Conference on Mining and Metallurgy to be held in Bor, Serbia, October 16-19.

Initially organized as a national conference in 2002 it became international. The main aims of the conference is to provide a forum for presentations and discussions of scientific research findings, technological development and practises on the subject of  geology, mining, metallurgy, materials science, technology, environmental protection as well as the related engineering topics.


The official language of the 51st International Conference on Mining and Metallurgy will be english.


metal processingindustrial engineering
mineral processingsoftware engineering applications
extractive metallurgyrecycling technologies
surface miningquality management
materials sciencemechatronics
underground miningmanufacturing technologies
inorganic technologymachining
environmental engineeringdesign and construction
and other related fields…

Scientific committees

Prof. dr Nada Štrbac
(UB TF Bor, Serbia) – president
Prof. dr Iwao Katayama
(Osaka University, Osaka, Japan)
Prof. dr Rodoljub Stanojlović
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Radoje Pantović
(UB TF Bor, Serbia) – vice-president
Prof. dr Jakob Lamut
(ULj FNT Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Prof. dr Sanda Krausz
(University of Petroşani, Romania)
Prof. dr Grozdanka Bogdanović
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)- vice-president
Prof. dr Jelena Penavin Škundrić
(TF Banja Luka, B&H)
Prof. dr Seshadri Seetharaman
(Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)
Prof. dr Dragoslav Gusković
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)- vice-president
Prof. dr Jožef Medved
(ULj FNT Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Dr Slavomir Hredzak
(SAS Kosice, Slovakia)
Prof. dr Aleksandar Dimitrov
(FTM Skopje, FYR Macedonia)
Prof. dr Karlo Raić
(UB TMF, Serbia)
Prof. dr Snežana Šerbula
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Dr Ana Kostov
(IRM Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Kemal Delijić
(MTF Podgorica, Montenegro)
Prof. dr Stoyan Groudev
(UMG “Saint Ivan Rilski” Sofia, Bulgaria)
Dr Andrei Rotaru
(Facultatea de Mecanica, Romania)
Prof. dr Krzystof Fitzner
(AGH University, Krakow, Poland)
Prof. dr Sulejman Muhamedagić
(FMM Zenica, B&H)
Prof. dr Anđelka Mihajlov
(Educons University, Serbia)
Prof. dr Luis Filipe Malheiros
(FEUP, Porto, Portugal)
Prof. dr Svetlana Ivanov
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Batrić Pešić
(Materials Science Faculty, Idaho, USA)
Prof. dr Ljubica Ivanić
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Dr Srećko Stopić
(RWTH Aachen, IME Aachen, Germany)
Prof. dr Boštjan Markoli
(ULj FNT Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Dr Magnus Ericsson
(Lulea Technical University, Stockholm, Sweden)
Prof. dr Tamara Holjevac Grgurić
(MF Sisak, Croatia)
Prof. dr Boyan Boyanov
(University Paisiy Hilendarski, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
Prof. dr Milan Antonijević
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Tatjana Volkov-Husović
(UB TMF, Serbia)
Prof. dr Branka Jordović
(TF Čačak, Serbia)
Prof. dr Milan Trumić
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Tomaš Havlik
(TUKE, Slovakia)
Prof. dr Carl Heinz Spitzer
(TU Clausthal, Germany)
Dr Mile Bugarin
(IRM Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Velizar Stanković
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Costas Matis
(AU Thessaloniki, Greece)
Dr Milenko Ljubojev
(IRM Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Velimir Radmilović
(University of California at Berkeley, USA)
Prof. dr Dejan Tanikić
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Dr Mirjam Jan-Blažić
(Slovenian Foundryen Society, Slovenia)
Prof. dr Vitomir Milić
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Desimir Marković
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Mirjana Rajčić Vujasinović
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Dr Vladan Ćosović
(UB IHTM, Serbia)
Prof. dr Dimitris Panias
(NTUA, Athens, Greece)
Prof. dr Mirko Gojić
(MF Sisak, Croatia)
Prof. dr Vladimir Krstić
(Queen’s University, Canada)
Prof. dr Dimitriu Sorin
(Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania)
Dr Miroslav Sokić
(UB ITNMS, Serbia)
Prof. dr Vladislav Kecojević
(West Virginia University, USA)
Prof. dr Dragan Manasijević
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Mirsada Oruč
(FMM Zenica, B&H)
Prof. dr Vlastimir Trujić
(IRM Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Duško Minić
(FTN Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia)
Dr Nadežda Talijan
(UB IHTM, Serbia)
Prof. dr Yong Du
(CSUC, Hunan, China)
Prof. dr Endre Romhanji
(UB TMF Beograd, Serbia)
Prof. dr Nenad Radović
(UB TMF, Serbia)
Prof. dr Žarko Radović
(MTF Podgorica, Montenegro)
Prof. dr Fathi Habashi
(Laval University, Canada)
Prof. dr Nenad Vušović
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr Željko Kamberović
(UB TMF, Serbia)
Prof. dr Guven Onal
(TU Istanbul, Turkey)
Prof. dr Nobuyuki Masuda
(Akita University, Japan)
Prof. dr Živan Živković
(UB TF Bor, Serbia)
Prof. dr György Kaptay
(FMME Miskolc, Hungary)
Prof. dr Onuralp Yucel
(TU Istanbul, Turkey)
Dr Walter Valery
(Metso Minerals Brisbane, Australia)
Prof. dr Heikki Jalkanen
(UT Helsinki, Finland)
Prof. dr Petr M. Solozhenkin
(Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)
Dr Zvonko Gulišija
(UB ITNMS, Serbia)
Dr Zagorka Aćimović Pavlović
(UB TMF, Serbia)

Organizing committee

Prof. dr Srba Mladenović,
(UB TF Bor) – president
Jelena Ivaz
(UB TF Bor)
Prof. dr Čedomir Maluckov
(UB TF Bor) -vice-president
Pavle Stojković
(UB TF Bor)
dr Ana Kostov
(UB TF Bor) – vice-president
Prof. dr Saša Marjanović
(UB TF Bor)
Jasmina Petrović
(UB TF Bor)

Submission of papers

The manuscripts of papers can also be sent by e- mail to the folowing adress: ioc@tfbor.bg.ac.rs
All papers will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.


Download Paper Template – Microsoft Word  Format (.doc)

Download templates

Conference fees

The conference fee is 150 €. It includes admission to the Conference sessions, Conference proceedings and materials, Conference dinner and refreshments during the Conference. The Conference fee for the accompanying person is 70€.
It includes all the items specified for the participants except the Conference Proceedings and materials.
Authors who are unable to attend the Conference, their accepted papers will be published with publication fee of 70€.
All bank transfer fees must be covered by the participants and may not be deducted from the amount remitted.

Payment instructions:

For domestic participants in RSD:

beneficiary: Tehnički fakultet u Boru VJ 12 19210 Bor

Acc. No.  840-1478666-37

purpose of payment: ioc 2019-150-participant name and surname 

amount: 17000  for participant,  8000 for accompanying person. Conference fee for  the participant who are unable to attend the conference is 8000.

For foreign participants payment in EUR:





FIELD 59: /RS35840000000009279051

FIELD 70: ioc 2019-150-participant name and surname


Accommodation for the participants can be provided at Hotel Jezero, Bor Lake.
Please contact Hotel Jezero directly:
phone: +381 30 48 23 40
official website: http://www.hoteljezero.rs/?lang=en
e-mail: office@hoteljezero.rs

The additional accommodation for participants is at:

RTB Club (www.rtbklub.rs)
+381 30 477 008, +381 30 477 009;

Hotel Albo, (www.hotel-albo.rs/)
+381 30 249 69 62, +381 30 249 69 64,


51st IOC will be held from 16-19 October, 2019. at Hotel Jezero, Bor Lake, Serbia. Bor Lake is located in eastern part of Serbia, about 240 km south-east of Belgrade.

How to get here
If you are travelling from Belgrade, our suggestion is to travel by bus. On the official website of the Belgrade Bus Station (BAS) you can find the time travel schedule (http://www.bas.rs/basweb_eng/RedVoznje.aspx?lng=en). In the text box type “Bor AS” or “Bor Centar” and you can find the available bus lines from Belgrade to Bor. The return ticket is valid in the next 30 days, so do not worry about your return to Belgrade.
If you are travelling by yourself, please set the navigation via the city of Paraćin.
If you are travelling from other directions, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.
When you get to Bor, you need transport to the Bor Lake (Hotel Jezero), which is approximately 15 km away. Our suggestion is to take two local taxi drivers, which are available 00–24h:

„Boom Taxi“: +381 69 640 030; +381 60 064 0300; +381 62 641 030;
Viber: +381 65 264 0030;

„Cool Taxi“: +381 60 022 88 22; +381 64 47 60 600; +381 62 14 565 14.

If you need any other information, please contact us.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a safe journey!

View the route Belgrade – Bor Lake HERE!
View the route Nis – Bor Lake HERE!

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